• Maybe I could see
    the details on the leaves
    of every single tree,
    just for a while.

    Observe every crack
    and listen to every wack,
    clackettey clack,
    of the sidewalks.

    Let's walk together.
    You can teach me how pretty the weather,
    or just a single feather
    could be.

    Maybe I could hear every laugh,
    and walk every unmarked path.
    Maybe I'll count every breath
    until I lose it all again.

    I thought I knew
    my senses before were true,
    but these feelings for you
    are really what is real.

    Every color brighter,
    every sense finer.
    All the clouds with silver liners
    are now the prettiest of gold.

    Colors are now so real,
    along with everything that I feel.
    God, I'd do anything just to steal
    a refined glimpse of you.

    The details in the leaves,
    the wrinkles in the sheets,
    when you and I meet...
    Life is beautiful.