• She is amazing.
    She is passionately spirited.
    She will fight for what she believes in.
    She doesn't run away from a fight.
    But she is kind, loving, and understanding.
    When she is happy her eyes are bright green emeralds that brighten up your day.
    When she is angry her eyes are the deepest blue, that see into your thoughts.
    When she is sad her eyes are solom grey, and rip right through your soul.
    When she is passionate her eyes are a mash of the ocean that crash over you like the waves of a storm.
    Her skin is fair and white as lace.
    Her lips as red as blood, but sugar to the taste.
    Her body slim and tall but a mass of bruises and cuts from pain stood boldly faced.
    Her heart,
    Strong in pain
    Soft in love
    Brave in fear
    Sensitive to taunting and easily broken if mocked.
    I hold her close and try to comfort her, but only her own mind will she rely on.
    When she does decide to love you she will leave you wanting more.
    She keeps you on your toes and doesn't let you forget her.

    And I will never forget her, I will love her forever more.