• You tell me things that I never really though about
    giving you no apology
    for what I thought to do.
    I disobey, and brought shame to your name
    without even trying to.
    I was curious for all those people,
    passing by our street.
    There were rumors all about me,
    when I thought that was a good thing.
    I brought shame to the name,
    never listening to you.
    It just passed my mind,
    that you had a life too.
    Even though I am just a kid,
    maybe you can give me another chance,
    to live life with you.
    I know that sorry doesn't cut it,
    but it always help heal up the damage,
    even when I abuse you.
    I might as well just punish myself,
    instead of causing even more trouble for you.
    I live a lie,
    following and instructing,
    doing everything my friends told me to do.
    I never listened to your lectures,
    ignoring you right through.
    Maybe it would have helped me now,
    but I guess it is too late.
    You think you could spare me,
    forgive me for this,
    and I will forgive you for that...