• A Part of Me
    They look like beautiful flying birds,
    floating so easily over the iced floor.
    They can jump, life their bodies high,
    and turn in unnatural positions,
    just so that they may express themselves on that slippery ice.
    They are the figure skaters,
    and they are a part of me.

    They can write what comes to them
    and not feel fear out of what one may think.
    They can make that pen seem invincible,
    immortal, and all to powerful,
    just so that they can express themselves in words
    on that single white sheet of paper.
    They are the poets,
    and they are a part of me.

    Their fingers move so fast,
    it is hard to believe they can even be seen.
    They create music,
    as they sway ever so gently.
    Black notes can be seen on the page,
    but these people make the music come alive,
    just so that they can do what they love.
    They are the pianists,
    and they are a part of me.

    You can see them move fastly,
    first one arm, and then another
    disappear beneath the water.
    They turn, flip around, and emerge once again,
    heading now for the other side of the pool.
    They are the swimmers,
    and they are a part of me.

    They stand on the front-line,
    ignoring the pain in every single limb of their bodies.
    They work for the four different branches of the military,
    and even though they know that they are doing something worthwhile,
    they wish they could give it all up to just see their families once more.
    These are the men working and living to protect the civilians back home,
    these are the men and women who have given up their lives.
    They are the Marines,
    and they are a part of me.

    They fight for what they feel is right,
    never letting their feelings left unknown.
    They live on this planet,
    and walk on this Earth,
    just so that they can prove that they can do it,
    that they are still living.
    They are the figure skates,
    the poets,
    the pianists,
    the swimmers,
    the marines,
    the dancers,
    the believers,
    the dreamers…
    They are all a part of me,
    and I, a mere human,
    am a part of all of them.

    Copyright 2007 by Molli Courtney