• Darkness set in,
    as the rain poured down.
    Relentlessy at times,
    on the small little town.

    I stared out my window,
    and watched it fall.
    Enjoying the gloom,
    the darkness of it all.

    A thunderous roar
    was heard overhead.
    The kind of roar makes children
    dive under their bed.

    It barely startled me.
    I was numb inside.
    It was as if as I sat there,
    a part of me died.

    I tilted my head and
    pondered this a bit.
    Once so alive... and now...
    living in a emotionless pit.

    "Is this how it ends?"
    I thought out loud.
    No answer came back,
    except thunder from a cloud.

    "Or it could be just the beginning"
    said I, as i bit my lip.
    "Should I stick around longer?
    Or abandon the ship?"

    Watching the rain.
    I asked myself these things.
    Can happiness come again?
    Or is pain an eternal ring?