• This happiness, what is it?
    I don't understand it.
    It is comforting, it is completing.

    Why I feel this way I don't know.
    How come it is so powerful?
    It almost knocks me off my feet.

    What is it?
    I want to know.
    Does it have a name?
    Has it been made known yet?

    Is it just my imagination?
    Is it real?
    It must be real.

    It is so potent and consuming.
    It is a Nazi against my free will.
    It makes me dizzy but does not allow me to fall.

    What is it?!
    I want to call it by its name!

    I still don’t know what it is.
    This happiness.
    The only thing I know is…
    I never want to lose…
    this happiness…..