• I Thought You Were Mine
    I Thought You Werent Hers

    I Thought You Loved Me
    Now Its Just Confusing

    You Chose Her Over Me

    I Gave You My Heart
    You Knew You Shouldve Been Gentle

    You Dropped It Down
    Now Its In Peices...

    You Tried To Put Them Back
    But The Cracks Are Still There.

    You Crushed My Heart
    Do You Understand!?

    I Thought You Were There For Me
    Its Just One Big Lie.

    Do You Understand My Pain?

    I Thought You Were My All
    You Werent Even Close

    You Said I Love You
    I Said I Loved You Back

    Who Lied...?
    it was not me

    i loved you with all i could at the time
    you said it was our age difference

    i dont belive you
    first you love me

    then you reject me
    make up your mind!

    it was one big lie....