• As I walk down the hall in school.
    I watch him melt in her hands.
    It got me thinking.
    Why must I suffer everyday.
    I hate this cruel cruel world.
    Why can't he just be mine?
    I now know what needs to be done.
    I go home.
    Get a pocket knife.
    But, as i saw how happy he was.
    And I asked him why are you so happy today.
    He said I got Shayla to finally say "yes".
    As i cried inside i walk away knowing Shayla has stolen the only guy I've liked.
    So, i walk up to Shayla hug her grab the knife out of my pocket, but couldn't do it.
    It wouldn't only make Dillan, but i would too.
    Dillan would be miserable.
    And I don't like to see him angry and so sad, why?
    I suffer everyday because i sit next to him everyday knowing!
    I....I can't have him.
    But, some day im going to go crazy.
    And i maybe the answer to Shayla's death.

    -Love Tiffany biggrin