• Geeks
    Being a geek isn't so tough
    You play chess and do geek stuff
    Get good grades; A's no B's
    Geeks can do that in ease
    Dungeon and drags' ;
    Hate online games that lag
    Star trek conventions
    And neat inventions

    Being a geek can be rough
    You get made fun of of for geek stuff
    May not be jocks who usually get C's
    And live with their moms without fees
    But without geeks, where would you be?
    Open your eyes and you'll see
    Cars, computers, cell phones too!
    It's like they make everything from China to Peru!

    Geeks, they'er everywhere
    They seem not to care
    But don't hate
    You never know which one will be the next Bill Gates

    For those of you who thinks it's not tough

    Be a geek for a day
    And try to get an A
    And do some geek stuff

    Actually, naww, being a geek isn't so Tough