• Bartender, bartender, serve me a drink,
    Blur my mind, for I wish not to think!
    I feel feeble, old, tired, and weak,
    And my future now looks oh so bleak!
    I wish to be redeemed, if only for one day,
    I, the prodigal son, who've long gone astray.

    Bartender, I was once a boy who dreamed of becoming a man
    And now I’m a man who dreams of being a boy once more!
    Oh how cruel the corrupted path of my life has been,
    For me, the lad who once wished to be a noble paladin!
    The times I’ve tried to change have both come and gone,
    And I believe nothing can prevent the dreaded Black Dawn.

    Bartender, bartender, sing me a song
    And tell me again that which I knew all along!
    Remind me of the Knight, the gallant man who has long passed,
    Bring back to my memory that faithful warrior who was felled last!
    Bartender, grant me his strength in order to do what must be done,
    For little time remains 'til the final setting of my sun.