• Procrastination's like a drug, it's hard to stop once you start.
    Procrastination's a habit that hits you like a dart.
    Procrastination's addicting, it'll get you doing it everytime.
    Procrastination's like a woman, that's beautiful and divine.

    It'll get you hooked to it, so don't even start at all.
    Cause once you start procrastinating, your life will begin to fall.
    Fall from the top, way down to a bottomless pit.
    It's not like a one time thing, procrastination's hard to quit.

    Procrastinating is dangerous, it can get you into predicaments fast.
    So put it all behind you, forget about procrastinating, it's in the past.
    Don't get addicted, cause like i said, it's like a drug.
    But procrastination's easy to avoid, so don't even start to bug.