• She'll be waitin there
    with a will to fight
    till the end of time
    Her amber soul will
    not settle for few
    Where the darkness
    rises and the light befalls
    We'll fight till the end of time
    The blade of the demon prince
    obliterates all
    his blade forged from shadows,
    with a kind heart to spare, he lies
    in wait for the one he is destined
    to be with to the end of time.
    Say your prayers, here he comes ya
    better watch out. hes in the mood to kill.
    Say your prayers,here comes in a good mood.
    in his strong arms he carryies
    his one and only
    true love,
    the one
    that is destinied to
    be with him
    Kickin down his castle door he
    brings his love into
    his quarters
    this where he will plant
    the first kiss
    say your prayers, he will protect
    her no matter what.
    even if it costs him his life