• My mind is a going faster than a train
    In this dark hole is filled with denial and strain
    Tie me up to the tracks
    Let it Lash
    And then my life shall flash,

    Every little bit of hurt
    Is in this brain, in this heart
    I can't reduce it, so I rip it apart,

    Pieces are scattered across the floor
    This love was just one great giant bore
    Because I'm interesting no more,

    And I regret everything I've done in the past
    But there's so little to do so you move on so fast
    How can you believe in love when there's no God
    How could I think you were perfect when everyone's so flawed

    Whine no more is what I try to do
    But I can't help it when everything reminds me of you
    If I take this gun to my head and pull that trigger pretending I'm dead

    Even though, I have no ammo, no trigger to pull
    This gun full of paper, so easily to fold

    I promised I'd stop lying to me
    But I always believe, not what I see
    But what I think inside this mind
    It's so awful that anyone can find
    I tried to hide it away in the attic
    But it keeps coming back like a drug addict.

    So in conclusion after introduction which is before body
    which I wish I could throw away,
    And dig myself a great watery grave.
    Maybe the life, is mine which I'm suppose to save.