• Creepy faces
    Dark places

    Sharp teeth
    Scary smiles

    Clowns surrounding you

    Flames of death
    Evil laughs

    Some things can scare a person so much
    it can literally tear them in half

    Twisting and turning
    My head and ears hurting
    Crying for help
    Screaming for a hero

    The clowns are winning
    Three to zero
    One more round and the game is done

    But to my surprise
    This game of terror and torture has just begun

    Where should I go?
    Where can I hide?

    Confusion and fear are tearing me up inside
    The creepy clowns push me down.

    Falling Falling Falling
    Down a dark hole of no return

    Can't climb my way out
    No one to save me

    I'm now stuck in a hell
    that will haunt and torture me
    for eternity