• I wish you were here,
    On this really cold night.
    Couples were keeping warm together,
    It really was a sight.

    I thought of you,
    Every minute I was cold.
    Wishing you were here,
    Because my hands were empty to hold.

    I wish you were with me,
    That really great night,
    I know you couldn't make it,
    So I won't fight.

    I saw my friends,
    Holding each other very closely.
    Though I held my tongue,
    My heart was full of envy.

    You usually are here,
    To keep me warm and happy,
    Though I really missed you,
    And that's why this poems really sappy.

    I wish you were here.
    I wish you could come.
    I want to be with you,
    But I just want you to have fun.