• To you who’s name is on my heart,
    Whispered in the dark and soft on my lips.
    What wonders lay deep with me,
    A heart once lay still and silent not beats painfully sweet
    Crying out for the call of your own, the touch of your hands,
    The whisper of your promise.
    I feel so woefully inadequate to you,
    To your power and to your strength
    But I know in your heart and eye we are one.
    I can not deny the fear in my heart, the fear of losing you
    Of losing myself in you.
    Your over whelming love, passion, strength.
    I know I seem so strong, that I carry on and push deeper into
    A dream from which I fear waking,
    But I’m scared. I’m so very scared and lost.
    Those old scars burn each day, carving deeper into me, drawing tighter
    A darkness that has no end.
    But oh my love, my anchor in this time of fear,
    Your hand in mine and I can feel myself being lifted from the depths of it all.
    Brought to the safety of your arms where the world ceases to be,
    Where there is only you, and only me.
    Silver lining around you and I feel myself fall to my knees,
    Shaking in your beauty and perfection.
    You are my everything,
    My life,
    My heart and soul,
    My dreams and my passion.
    You are mine, my love, mine amore,
    Just as I am yours.