• Standing at a road
    Waiting for me to come to my senses
    But im better of alone

    Whereever I go all I see is hate
    It trails behind me causing chaos and destruction
    Harming anyone near to me
    And dear to me
    Im better of alone

    My awful deeds written upon my face
    Most things seen as awful by the entire human race
    Lying cheating stealing
    What more could I do to keep myself up at night
    But the murderous acts I once had committed
    So im better off alone

    Why keep pretending life is just fine
    When all I can think about is repaying debts that are mine
    After school is through taking up those old hobbies and
    Redirecting them to defend my fellow women ,men ,and country
    Saving countless lives to repay the one that I had taken
    Scared to death it will happen again
    Im better off alone

    It was an accident
    You didn’t mean to run him over and ruin his life
    You didn’t mean to spill his blood and leave it there
    You didn’t mean to leave him for dead like a scared little girl
    When you heard it in the news you didn’t tell anyone
    You didn’t believe it was you who had killed an innocent man in your drunken rage

    rememboring the hurt you must have caused
    reminding yourself of the broken hearts you left in your wake
    rememboing those brokesn people who will never have a father