• On this beach a lonely figure stands
    The waves reaching for her beauty
    Her tears falling to the footprints in the sand

    She's here every night with no one to give her a hand
    The moonlight caressing her sad, tearful face
    She walks on, leaving footprints in the sand

    Her voice so eerily haunting, the sound of the ocean her band
    With only herself as company
    The wind stirs her footprints in the sand

    That woman, oh so beautiful, moves as if there was a special dance
    Her body twirls, arms held wide open, she's so graceful
    Hers are the only footprints in the sand

    Her hair sways all around her, the wind playing with each and every strand
    This woman is the only one left alive
    The beach is so eerie with only her footprints in the sand

    she stops as thunder interupts her and she stares out at the ocean in a trance
    The waves angrily roar as the moonlight dissappears
    Darkness covers her footprints in the sand

    She cries as she looks at the ocean, the roaring waves her fans
    Clouds begin to darken, the wind becoming so strong
    Lightning lights up her footprints in the sand

    She clenches her hands and begins to dance
    The lightning strikes the ground around her
    Forever imprinting her footprints in the sand

    She dances into the waves, this mysterious woman
    The waves drawing her in, drawing her under, adoring her
    And all that's left now are her footprints in the sand...