• Son,
    As I lay here on my bed,
    Awaiting deaths embrace,
    It pains me to see that look of anguish,
    And the tear rolling down your face,
    Every one must go sometime,
    And it’s almost my turn to go,
    So I leave you with my last bit of wisdom,
    These things you must know,
    Always listen to your mother,
    She’s the best you’ve got,
    Don’t do drugs, drink, or fight,
    Also don’t cuss a lot,
    Be kind and gentle all the time,
    Stand up for what you believe in,
    Help someone every chance you get,
    Do your best to make them grin,
    Stay away from gangs,
    Don’t be stupid like me,
    They only lead to trouble,
    And every gang member gets killed eventually,
    Stay in school,
    I know it gets hard,
    But a good education,
    Will be your Trump card,
    And Now I need you to be strong,
    For mommy and me,
    And look towards the future,
    With joy and glee,
    You have your whole life to life,
    So many things to do,
    And don’t forget son,
    I…Love…. You….