• Here I am,wide awake
    And the worst part of this over now
    Tide to fame,on a bed of neils I lie
    I call your name
    This photograph of you keeps me sane
    On the road,crossed another cold state line
    Memories fade,anthor night.
    In a pool of my mistakes I call your name
    Whos to blame,only you can make sence of who I am
    Another night another fight push me so far away
    never ment to let it die
    Close the door,words start to fly
    Let it go
    An empty house I can hear the phone ring now
    Is it her
    who knows ,let me star into the night
    Here I am standing infront of you
    Is the worst part of this over yet
    And I still have your picture on the wall
    I call your name
    I'm sorry for the wrong I've made
    Here I am