• When you think about, the darkness inside
    Every body tells you, it's your ugly side
    You might think, it's locked in mind
    It dominates your body, so you can't hide

    The tears are falling, as our hearts keep calling
    This is the darkness warning, it's no use staling !

    Even if you try to clean your soul
    Just believe me, you won't be whole
    Cause darkness inside, plays a major role
    So stop the search, for a wake up call

    It must feel, really tough
    To live in darkness, your life is rough
    But rarely, there's a bit of light
    That gives us power, a power to fight... a power to fight !

    But once again, in the search for light
    We lose some hope, we lose the sight
    we lose all the spirit, to start to fight
    So once again in darkness, hold your dear hope very tight ! i say very tight !

    It's not like we have a choice to run away
    It's not like, we want to lose the right way
    It's not like, we have any where else to stay ! no where to stay !