• His eyes were the window into his soul
    Once they were full of color and hope.
    Time has caused all of that to change
    Now black, he lives in a world of rage.

    The one I thought I could trust
    The one I thought could understand
    Few friends to now call my own
    Destroy me and take away what's left

    This life sucks
    I'm tired of the mess
    Just go-
    I don't want to be like the rest
    I don't want to be so nice
    I just want to be cold
    Saved from all emotion
    Because loving has been fruitless
    It only leads to hate
    And I don't even want to hate you

    I should've brought you happiness
    But I brought pain instead
    I can't believe I've done it again
    Ruined a life; destroyed a soul
    So I'm just giving up
    The worthlessness finally taking it's toll
    I just accept the end

    I’m keeping my heart to myself
    You will no longer read my words
    I’ll teach you a lesson you never learned
    Hopefully you’ll get the message
    As you’re on the ground
    Screaming, Crying
    I’m sorry, does that hurt?

    I feel the anger rise up in me
    The same anger
    That makes me bleed
    In my heart and in my soul
    Killing me
    Slowly but surely
    It destroys me
    Why can’t I just once be free
    From the anger that’s trapped inside me