• Time passes to slow,
    In this darkened world,
    I can not take it anymore,
    This bleeding soul,

    I put on that fateful mask,
    The one everyone sees,
    Always doing it task,
    To hide the real me,

    I’m tired of this masquerade,
    That plays in my mind,
    I fell so caged,
    The light no longs so kind,

    Soulless is this mask,
    Soulless is this being,
    Lay me in my casket,
    In a fiery ring,

    I’m tired of this façade,
    Of this play that is my life,
    No longer will I be apart of this masquerade,
    I don’t wish to fight

    So tare of this mask,
    Let my soul be free,
    You’ve done your task,
    Now it my turn to do mine.