• im a girl,
    a broken girl,
    loveless and broken
    imperfect and forgotten girl
    nobody in the world to care
    to notice me
    i hate what i have become
    i cut, i bleed,im numb to the touch
    i loved, i got hurt
    it was the final time
    i HATE what you did to me
    you made me cry, and cry
    until no more tears would fall
    after all the tears silently fell
    people thought i was over you
    they thought my heart recovered
    it never did
    i bleed and bleed, longing to die
    wishing i was NEVER alive
    i made my wish come true
    im dead not..with-out you
    now you know i love you,
    but its to late to care
    im gone for-ever
    because of you