• Love lost

    Love Gained

    Love tainted and spent.

    All things have a simular cycle but true love

    The love of fates

    The love for Soulmates

    Is the trueist form of all love and only withheald

    Withheald by so few

    One loved more than life

    One loved little

    One who has loved many

    And one with few on her heartstrings.

    He is from the darkerside

    She is his light

    Will they be able to be with one another without Chaos

    Time could be the tailer of this tail.

    All who belive in true love could tell you that they are ment

    Like to opposites of all things

    But bound to be together for all time in all lifes

    She shall always be Light

    As he Shall always be dark

    Darkness and Light

    Such things must exist for love so true as to them


    Love must be born from two opposites

    What could be more opposite?

    Yet alike?

    They who have now found love in the light and dark

    The shadows.

    Where they both belong.

    He inside Light

    Her Inside dark

    Princess of Light and Darkness

    Prince of Darkness and Light

    Through one another this will become true.




    Not even she is sure if she is if he is.