• A shadow walks glides and falls.
    Tumbles turn towards a wall,
    This is the day a super hero might stall,
    Running into danger, towards a guns trigger,
    This super hero aint no stranger, jumps really high like a tigger,
    Swinging and diving into shadows, jumping to and from peoples windows,
    Living a life full of strife, hes/shes far from selfish always looking out for the helpless,

    Claws, webs, powers defends them all, but what will happen when the heroes descend, they cannot fight before their end,
    The helpless will stand tall fear escaping them all on the day the Heros fall,
    Blackness will surround the city that was once protected,
    As the super Heros are rejected, leaving the good to be subjected,
    Evil has run of this place, fear and scandal are ready to brace,
    As the helpless are ready to feel deaths dark sweet embrace, the feeling helpless has a new race,

    A glimmer of light from up above, roaming freely like a dove,
    They look to the skies as super flies from between the far off distant skies flying as fast as they can to the cries,
    Supreme Heros to save the day, for past and present that was fought today,
    As the evil is laid to rest the super hero falls holding on to his chest,
    Others watch in horror, watch in shock and sweet sorrow,
    As they see the sun set all they can do is wait till tomorrow,