• Here I sit
    in the dark
    people can notice me
    just sitting here
    no one knows me
    nobody talks to me
    I am a hole in the wall
    empty, dark
    nobody minds me
    they just pass by
    i loock around
    but no one looks back
    i see people
    but no one sees me
    my heart is as black as night
    and as cold as ice
    my hopes and dreams ran away from me
    people stole my integrity
    my determination, my independence
    i sit in this damp corner
    all alone
    thinking, wishing, hoping something good will come along
    I stare up at the raining sky
    my tearstained face is red and hot
    but i am cold and wet
    i am not poor nor rich
    i am not beautiful nor ugly
    i am not black nor white
    i am not nice or mean
    i am broken
    broken into a million shattered clear pieces of glass
    but no one is here to pick up the empty pieces
    the dark is my only companion in this journey
    me and dark get along quite well
    we know each other
    we understand each other
    we can talk to each other without words
    our hearts are as one
    though we are two
    the sun does not shine
    but the moon does glow
    i cry, i bleed
    the red poors down my face
    down my chest
    what a unique color
    the dark velvety color of it makes me feel
    i dont know what it makes me feel
    i just feel
    not a something
    what i feel is not a something
    it is not a nothing either
    it is just a feel
    not a feeling
    a feel
    i guess
    this is where i live
    this is who i am
    i am just a dark broken heart