• In all of the world, in its infinite beauty, and majesty, i have found no one as beautiful or as stunning as you. As the days go by, i think about you more and more, and when the last autumn leaf falls, we will know you have been freed. We will know you have been freed from, your torment and pain, but as you leave us know that our hearts, my heart goes with you, knw that what you leave behind, is a legacy, of kindness and love, and that, we will love you until the end of time. Go now to the place you deserve, to a place where the hate, and the pain, and the suffering, are nowhere to be found, go to the place where you may peacefully exist, and wait, wait for your loving family, and friens to join you, where you may sleep forever more

    sad heart RIP- Susan Harper 1991-2002 We all love and miss you very much! heart sad