• My Knight in Shinning Armor
    Always there to catch me when I fall…
    Tall and Brave…
    Generous and Kind…
    My hero in disguise
    Am I awake?
    Or am I simply dreaming all that happens?
    Has Love become a parasite…?
    Ever so slowly draining me of all other feelings and thoughts?

    It’s as if I am only truly alive when my knight is around me
    When I am alone, with no one to talk to, all I see is him
    All I see is endless happiness and contentment.
    Smiles and Laughter…
    Not Sadness or Depression.
    Nor Worries or Fears…
    Nothing will shatter my Fantasy world

    When he’s with me I am complete
    There is nothing that can break through my shield
    There is no danger I can come to when my knight is around
    I am safe…
    I am content…
    I can smile and laugh when I see him
    I can enjoy life as life
    True love hits you hard.