• Masks

    She runs home with a smile, She hopes it'll last for a while.
    She runs to her bright room, She hopes there shall be no doom.
    She reaches for the door, She still smiles even more.
    She turns the doorknob, She grips it as her head bobs.
    She never dares to turn, She knows she's just waiting to burn.
    She hears a whisper, so soft, She feels a hand touch aloft.
    Her eyes look down, Her face isn't in a frown.
    Her voice is not cracked, Her heart is not attacked.
    Her eyes close so fast, her smile waiting to last.
    Her eyes are torn to face him, Her mind is now grim.
    Her thoughts come on, Her hopes are gone.
    Her face has gone away, Her smile shows it's okay.
    Then it's all over and still no one knows what she hides.
    The kids at her school are whispering and words collide.
    They know about it all, they've known for so long,
    They just wondered if they had all been wrong.