• Don't judge me

    You don't no wat i've ben though

    wat i've done to git were i is today

    what i've done to be the one that loves

    don't be jealious

    cause in my mind i'm not worth it

    and it's not worth it to start a fite

    it mite last all nite

    it's not worth it

    Please don't judge me

    Because honey child ya don't no me to be judging me

    I might not have that much money so wat

    I am who i am

    and u r who u r and it's just not worth it

    if u want to start a fite over stupid junk go ahead

    but i'll just walk away

    because then your not worth it

    In this world me and you live in that's all people do is judge

    Don't judge....please

    You mite git thing started you can't finsh

    And between me and you you and me lets not go crazy

    Isn't the world crazy enough????

    In this Centry,Decad,year, day, and time almost nuthings worth it so try to make sumthing worth it.