• am labeled a reject
    becouse im a tragadian
    im spat at
    becouse im a tragadian
    i lost my friends
    becouse im a tragadian
    its hard to live your life
    as a tragadian
    and its not acting

    i eat alone
    i sleep alone
    i live alone
    i trust no one
    i enjoy no one
    i get nothing
    exept tragady and misfortune
    becouse im a tragadian

    im called an acter
    why would i act out such misfortunes?
    do you think i wanna be this way?
    im not actting
    im suffering
    the life of a tragadian
    isent fun
    so dont call me an acter
    unless you know what if been exposed to
    dont even talk to this tragadian

    alright thats it
    if had enough of this ridacule
    so here is a little bit of what its like
    waking to no smell of food like you all do
    walking to school in the cold and snow like none of you do
    trash throw at you eatting alone like none of you know
    hearing yelling and fighting as you sleep instead of the fish tank
    so think befor you make fun of this tragadian becouse im not acting
    and if had enough
    so do not make fun of the tragadian befor he shows you what its like
    and makes you all "act"

    as the tragadian unmaskes the tragedy for the ungreatfull
    they see he wasent faking
    he wasent acting
    as they live the rest of there lifes as tragadians
    i turn to the crowd and say
    "hope you enjoyed the show of stuck up kids that makefun of the unfortunet.