• What will happen when you are gone?
    Will I have sorrow of a never ending song?
    When you are gone, I sit and wait.
    When you are gone I feel rages of hate,
    You never cared about me or your self for that matter
    And the wall between us will only get fatter.

    When you are gone I sit right here,
    While running down my face, are streams of tears.
    For how many hours you go, for how many months you stow,
    How many years have passed? How long will this last?

    I've told you how much I worry,
    But you try to get out like you're In a hurry.
    We've been concerned,
    But we figured you just can learn.

    What will happen, when you are here?
    Will you light a smoke? Will you drink a beer?
    You don't think you just act,
    And I feel as if im being attacked

    You've left me, you've lied to me
    And because of you I don't know how to be
    You never thought that you,
    Could stop for just us two.

    Right now you are gone,
    You are in the hospital all alone,
    No one there to help you though,
    Mainly we've all given up on you.

    Another two weeks you are gone,
    Another time, oh so long
    I wonder if you will ever stop
    Wonder if you will make it up top.

    Here I stand, you are gone,
    You are laid in a casket so long,
    People all around you weep,
    And I think "What a creep!"
    You got what you needed.
    You sent me through hell . . .
    And now you deserve to suffer as well!

    - Whittley Costello