• Oh, come explode with me
    Like we did that night
    You're so warm,
    My fire lord
    Do you know what happens
    Everytime I see your face?
    My heart starts racing at a hundred miles and hour
    My cheeks turn hot
    I'm so yours!

    Your seduction is horrid
    Yet oh so fine
    Your lips are like fire
    Do you know why?
    Cause every single time ya touch me
    I melt
    Into nothing
    Burn me up x2
    I love fire
    Burn me up x2
    Until I'm welded to you
    Burn me up x2
    I love you
    Break me
    Until I'm in little tiny pieces
    Lustfully speaking!
    Burn me up x2

    Oh, here come your flames again
    Licking my side right where your hand is
    It's trailing
    Down my throat
    Do you know what's happening right here right now?
    As you kiss me
    My skin growns hot and comes to
    five thousand degress
    Never, never stop
    Just burn me up!


    Hold me until I combust
    Touch me until I can't move!
    Burn me until I'm wleded to you
    Break me into little pieces
    So i'm yours
    Love me to death
    Love you forever
    Love me to no end
    Love you til i can't think of anything else
    Cause you're mine, my lover
    You're mine
    You're mind and i'm yours!

    (part 1 of chorus)

    Your seduction
    Burn me up
    Yoru lips are like fire
    Burn me up!
    Breaking me into little tiny pieces
    Little tiny pieces
    Little tiny pieces
    Burn me up, my love!