• Time is standing still,
    But I'm the only one that sees it.
    The months turn into years,
    And I'm the only one that feels it.
    I learn the years were merely days,
    And nothing stays the same.
    I missed so much,
    Your smile--your touch.
    And I'm the only one to blame.

    The minutes turn to hours,
    And I let it all sink in.
    And I see the clock tower
    As it's hands continue to spin.
    Around and around and around again,
    A never ending routine.
    But I'm the only one that feels it,
    I'm the only one that's seen.

    Just trying to remember all the words that I've missed,
    And all the lies,
    The failed attempts,
    And the occasional tender kiss.
    I can't savor anything
    When soon it is all lost.
    And for the strangest reason...
    I'm willing to pay the cost.