• Who do they say I am, when they scream my
    name/ When I'm shown the mirror, when they
    point at me/ Will I be the one, that they claim
    I am / Will I fail to fight and take a stand/
    I'm not TV show, I'm not a game to play /
    I'm called by god, I choose to say / I'm not
    identified by the clothes i wear/ I'm separate
    from this world, and all it cares / who do they
    say i am/ what do they think they see/ when
    they see my face, when they look at me/
    what labels by my name, which walls keep
    them out / will i believe the lie, or let the truth
    live out / I dont accept as truth, what the
    world has said/ what must be, what's in my
    head / im not reduced to be, a slave to what
    you see. my walls came down, my heart set
    free/ i know i'm more than this, I hear a different
    voice / it's calling me out my name, shouting
    who i am/ for all the world to hear, he's not ashamed
    of me/ he calls me precious child and he sets me free