• Many times I've seen you
    And many times gone by
    And never did I meet you
    Or even meet your eye.

    The sand fell through the glass
    And I simply watched you go
    And when I had the strength at last
    And went to say hello-

    Gone, you were, forever.
    Gone, with naught a sigh
    And now I know I'll never
    Know the reason why

    So oft you passed my window
    And so oft you glanced my way...
    I suppose I have a chance now
    To say goodbye, anyway.

    Courage, you left me stranded
    Strength, how you betray
    And now I've been abandoned
    By the love that got away.

    I wish you well, whoever
    (I don't even know your name)
    And though we've not met ever
    I love you just the same.