• Oooh. Ohoh.

    For some time now,
    I haven't seen the real me.
    I wonder if she still stands inside of me.
    I look inside a mirror and no one is inside.
    I start to wonder, if I lost who I really am!

    When I do think
    I can't see all of my thoughts.
    When I do speak
    I can't express all of my emotions and feelings.
    When I do see
    laughter and love I don't feel wamth inside of me!
    Inside of me
    Is no more.

    I lost my life,
    when I lost the girl inside me, the laughter.
    I cannot cry,
    because I emotionally lost my life.
    I force the pain,
    the smiles, the tears and the laughter.
    But my heart is never the same, 'cos I already lost a part of it!


    I really try,
    somehow to cry,
    but it never helps me.
    I seem heartless,
    but you should know the real truth about me.
    I used to feel, a great love
    for my family.
    And now It seems when I search inside,
    there's not a damn thing!

    Chorus x2

    Inside of me.
    Oohoh- ooh.
    There's nothing left...
    Oooh- oohhhh.