• Be part of the river,
    Do not go out of the rank.
    Then bow to our bodies,
    Carried by current,
    The infinity exceeds us
    as wisps of straw, of straw.
    Our souls float without ever rising look,
    Hato is going to oppose to submission.
    Without being aware that they have all donations,
    It would be only one second
    To see waves,
    Traces of our lives which flood us.
    You must close eyes,
    Make space in your head,
    Keep silence,
    And come back into my domain.
    Communicate our souls,
    Communicate our bodies,
    Find the fault by linking our efforts.
    Risks moves us away, slowly from the message.
    The picture which they fling to divert our looks,
    Which will dare to hope to keep control
    Without being aware that they have all a role
    To play in their own life.
    A flapping of eyelashes,
    To accuse the circle indeed.