• Do you remeber.....
    Do you remeber the sadness the madness
    and the pain of loseing the happeness like a game.

    Do you remeber those days when we would talk and play and smile and laughe all in one day.
    Do you see what has become of these tears these years and these fears of remebering that game.

    That game that we would play....
    Each and every day.
    The fun the joy the pain of not playing....Not being abler to stay?
    Do you remeber?
    Do you remeberd how you died?
    Do you remeber that i cryed?
    Do you remeber that it was sad.
    Or that i almost went mad?
    Do you remeber the pain it bright.
    The sorrys the pity the sadness and tears.
    The people who didn`t even care?
    The hurt the pain the sadess game
    Ever played.
    Do you remeber those tears?
    The people who didn`t even care?
    The forgetfullness the meaningless
    Who could not remeber.
    The tears of that fire.
    The forgotten tears.
    The sadessed years.
    But if i had a choice
    to meet you or not to give it all up and still have you die.
    I would stay by your side and remember those forgotten tears
    for all of my love for all of my happyness for the fact that i truely cared heart
    I would love the pain and bring no shame in remebering the sadness of those tears. heart
    For i do care and will aways you see i can never forget the day you 2 met me. heart
    So for you who died on the fateful fire i will be by your side and remeber. heart
    For others like me who see what i see.
    I see that we can remeber.