• In these past years I realized some things.
    I have realized how much pain love brings.
    You see regardless of how you treat me.
    I cannot leave
    Not because I don’t want to not because I would rather stay.
    In truth id rather go far far away.
    But because I am left with no exit I am staying.
    This is by no stroke of bad luck that I am here.
    There is one fact that I know will remain clear.
    That is that there is a reason I am here.
    Through the pain and suffering I am learning you see.
    I am learning that to humans selfish is the only way to be.
    I must lie I must cheat I must be the very embodiment of the thing I hate most.
    A party of thieves and conniving people, that all make a toast.
    They dub that if anything ever happened to their neighbor they would stand and watch.
    Hate is a strong word I believe to be relevant to this case.
    You see I hate what people have become I hate what we must become.
    We must be the same thing when life is said and done.
    But I, yes I must make the difference I must be the one to make the changes.
    I will not rely on people for people have done nothing.
    Instead of following the trend I will do something.
    Very few people want you to be better than them they may say they do but don’t be fooled.
    When you know more than they, are they not angry? Do they not say that you “think” you know it all?
    Next time u hear this banter you relay these words “I am what I am and I know what I know.”
    Arch your back and stand real tall.
    Nobody can take your knowledge so no matter what they say, never let the negative ruin your day.
    Even after what I’ve told you I bet you’re still the same but just remember one thing you have nothing else to gain.
    I am taking back my dignity and I am giving back the pain.
    This is person that is no longer tame.
    Don’t be shocked when I say to you what I truly mean.
    Do not linger on how I used to be for I am not the same.
    For I am a person that is no longer tame.