• Once upon a time, in a land not too far from here
    a little girl live, all alone, with not one single fear
    She had a habit of playing with all the boys
    causing havoc and making noise
    She came to you, as quiet as a tree
    and you used to think that she was lonely
    She come on in and sit right down
    standing out from the rest, never making a sound
    Tis' you thought she was a good little girl
    stuck up in this small simple world,
    to you she was smart
    but to herself she was a sour tart
    But no, you still took her in
    and cared for her, in your warm, homey fin
    This girl, whom had never had a really, true friend,
    had now found one-but no, this is not the end!
    As her jeaously grew-
    she realized she was far from new
    And that's where you, dear friend, came into.
    you helped, ina way, to show her what to do
    Secretly, though, she still longed for a companion
    then she stepped into my dominon.
    I wish she had the guts to say this to my face,
    but we both fear a soon hate.
    Although she seemed so very sweet and nice,
    looks can be deciving, so you better look twice!
    The reason, truely, why I am so,
    is so the friends of that little girl will never go
    heart heart heart
    Oh, how i long to see him again
    but I believe that time will never begin
    sorries and laughes to the nicest girl I've ever met
    too bad, I treated her like a pet
    So forgive me,
    for I simply disown you with an additude that is pretty
    but some scars are only skin deep...
    and others are so very fresh and old
    and other are like blacks holes!
    And tis that girl's heart will never heal
    because the only thing that will forever more rest in that hole