• Where The Thunder Hides

    Where the thunder hides,
    there is a great black wolf
    with red eyes.
    He wears a horse blanket,
    and is tended by a young girl.
    Where the lightning is tethered,
    is a silver bird:
    the Thunderbird that even the young,
    who have left the reservation,
    can recognize.
    Where the rain sleeps
    is a lovely maiden
    wearing a soft dress of white doeskin,
    bearing beans and corn pollen.

    When these three appear,
    it is the ceremony of life.
    And where I hide -
    where I am tethered -
    where I sleep -
    is a dark alley.
    I am nowhere near the land of my people.
    But I will return to my people someday,
    bringing a storm on my heels.