• I am the thing that Man fears most
    The thing which most men don't wish to boast
    I cannot be seen, but always felt
    Never played, but always dealt.
    I am what makes grown men cry,
    When they are forced to tell their best friends good-bye
    By some, I am looked upon as a disease
    By others, they bow before me upon their knees.
    Some expect me, Most never do
    But when I come, it's a day to rue.
    Can you guess who I must be?
    Death is my identity

    I am the root of all Man
    That which gives Death a hand
    I drive men to complete madness
    and others to utter sadness
    They never sleep with me around
    Always jumping at every sound
    I can inspire, I can depress
    I am what no one can repress
    You can't escape me when I come by
    However, I dare you to try
    Can you guess who I must be?
    Fear is my identity