• believe it see it this is love and it is real
    and i love to sing about it
    it makes you set your self on
    fire and fly away i feel you on the air
    and you said is this real i cant think
    straight any more is are love any more
    for give me we hade amzing love so is
    this real i feel like im not there with you
    can you feel me hear me see me is
    is this real am i real and there with
    you i seem like im to high in the air feel
    me hear me see me is this real i forgive
    you can we ever be the same we will
    never chang is this real help me live in
    your would to stay with you feel me
    see me hear me help me stop flying
    in the air stop this fire all over my body
    help me be hole so i can be with you
    is this real see me hear me feel me
    is this real