• I walked beneath the golden sun
    To find a never ending love

    But then the rays came beating down
    And there was no where that I found

    That was safe from these harsh rays
    So I turned to divert my gaze

    My eyes fell upon the silver moon
    So I turned and walked to it’s tune

    It sang a sweet melody
    It entered my ears and found my plea

    It led me to the ocean shore
    To help me look for love once more

    And in the ocean’s depth I found
    What I searched for all around

    The tune that led me to this place
    Began again with a faster pace

    And with each heartbeat it grew and grew
    Until I was standing next to you

    I saw the tune drift away
    When I turned and saw your curious face

    I longed to hear the tune once more
    But then your eyes called me more

    So we walked into the sun’s bright rays
    And I followed you with a weary gaze

    You took a gleeful stride ahead
    Then disappeared before I said

    “Don’t walk into those brilliant rays!”
    But you were gone with a sudden haze

    Instead of loss I found a thought
    That led me where I once sought

    For the love I thought you held
    So as I walked on this I dwelled

    “what if it was not love I found
    but something to remind me how

    A melody can bring such life
    Into a mind that writhed in strife?”

    I found this thought to be true
    Then searched for love anew

    I walked along a familiar place
    And found my self quickening my pace

    When I heard that familiar tune
    That had brought me straight to you

    Then when I looked around
    There was no one to be found

    So I turned my eyes to the sky
    And saw what had brought me by

    The silver moon was looking down
    Humming a tune that long ago I found

    I reached up to touch it’s face
    And with a sweet and gentle grace

    It came down and took me away
    Into to the sky and we danced and played

    I found my love in the silver moon
    While gently humming it’s melodic tune.