• If I said I hated you,
    That would be the truth,
    But if I said I loved you,
    That would be it too.

    I love you one moment,
    Hate you the next,
    Please tell me why,
    These feelings are so mixed.

    I've loved no other guy the same,
    For you were the smile on my face,
    But then everything changed.

    You didn't have to run away,
    Leaving everything unsaid,
    You could have talked it throught to me,
    Then I would understand.

    I've had some dreams,
    Of you and me,
    But things weren't the same,
    We weren't in love,
    We weren't fighting,
    We were just two friends,
    Laughing at stupid jokes.

    The stupid jokes that didn't make sense,
    The jokes that were so unfunny,
    It just made us laugh,
    We couldn't be like that again,
    Because of what you've done.

    You took the best of me,
    And threw it all away.

    I know it seems like I'm not sad,
    But when you're not around,
    It's like I'm all alone,
    In a different world,
    Not knowing what to do.

    Ever since we stopped being friends,
    Which I still don't understand,
    My world has been grey,
    And it rains every day.

    The swings left untouched,
    The sun doesn't shine,
    My heart is still broken,
    And your running out of time.

    If you're looking for the key,
    You know where it is,
    It's been in your hand,
    And will be 'till the end.

    If you're not understanding,
    You broke my heart and left the peices,
    Left them for me to clean up,
    There spread all over,
    In different colors,
    Not knowing what to do,
    Every peice loves you,
    Will love you to the end,
    So please get it through your head,
    I will love you 'till I'm dead.