• I wish that I could hold you again,
    I wish it meant something more to you.
    I wish, I hadn't screwed up so badly,
    I wish, I could undo everything.

    I wish that I could hate you.
    I wish that it would get through my thick skull, you never cared.
    I wish I could run from you, try and never think of you again
    I wish I could hold you one more time.

    I wish I didn't think about you like I do.
    I wish you'd get the ******** out of my head.
    I wish I couldn't see you there, sitting in my mind.
    I wish it'd all go away with a simple pull of a trigger. [The thoughts]

    I wish that I didn't hate life so much right now.
    I wish things would just work and fall into place.
    I wish that I didn't have to do stupid s**t, just so you'd pay attention to me.
    I wish you didn't get mad at me for trying to get your attention.
    I wish you would go away, sometimes.
    I wish that you would let me go away, and let me leave the nest.

    I wish I still had my job.
    I wish I didn't ******** that up too.
    I wish it wasn't so hard, trying to make it in the real world.
    I wish people would recognize when I'm doing a good job,
    I wish people would stop saying I'm not doing anything at all.
    I wish I got paid more.
    I wish my boss wasn't such a d**k.
    I really wish I still had my job, even if I hated it.

    I wish I didn't feel like crap everyday.
    I wish something would cheer me up for longer than just an hour or two.
    I wish nothing would take that small happiness from me again.
    I wish I could stop feeling like I shouldn't exist, like I don't want to.

    I wish I could believe all the nice things people say.
    I wish I wasn't so paranoid, and that I could believe them.
    I wish that I couldn't tell when they're lying.
    I wish that I wouldn't get hurt when that happens.
    I wish I wasn't so twitchy, and paranoid.

    I wish I hadn't done the things I've done.
    I wish I could take it all back, and do it all over again.
    I wish my life didn't turn out this way.
    I wish it was good, and I did everything right.

    But, most of all, I wish I was happy.
    I wish I could change my life in an instant.
    I wish I could make it all right.
    I wish I had more time to do that.
    I wish I wasn't so goddamned depressed.
    I wish I could change it.
    I wish I stopped ******** everything up.
    I wish I was in someone's arms.
    I wish it was someone that really cared, someone I enjoyed being around.
    I wish they would tell me everything would be ok, even if it won't.
    I wish they really existed.
    I wish I could stop crying.