• Romeo&Juliet(Webb Version)
    By:Lumvouris Webb Jr.

    I feel like we are Romeo&Juliet
    Feeling for each other yet knowing we cannot be
    Because I a Montegue and you a Capulet
    Wishing I could change my name so we could be together you&me

    Prince&Princess of rival households
    In love with another we once were
    Then we met and our hearts we both stole
    But together we are not because you listened to "her"

    But like her not as I do thee
    And feel for me not as she does Valentine
    Wherefore art thou feelings for me
    That before the 'morrow were so keen

    Skin so soft and silky smooth
    A voice soft as if carried on angel's wings
    Hair so beautiful and light in hue
    A body so beautiful makes angels sing

    A smile so sweet
    Lips a soft rose pink
    Hands and gental as the day we made them meet
    Wanting a kiss,ohh how I can only think

    Romeo&Juliet in love, how I wish to be
    But not rivals in the household
    Or to die like thee
    But instead of death to grow old just you&me