• I loved you so much
    And you know I still do.
    So why did you do it?
    I thought I could trust you,
    But then you went away,
    Only for a week.

    Never in a million years
    Would I have thought you'd be the type..
    But I was wrong.
    And all it took
    was seven days.

    You broke my heart.
    Not only once, but twice.
    I don't think I can bear it again.

    Though somehow..
    I know you'll do it again.
    No matter how I try not to,
    I always fall for it.
    Fall for you.

    You'll find a way.
    A way to break my heart again,
    A way to make me cry,
    Like I do everynight,
    Only 'cause I think of you,
    And what we were,
    And what we'll never be.

    Only 'cause I think of you
    And what we'll never, ever be.